Perfume Rollers
Perfume Rollers

Perfume Rollers

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Perfume Rollers crafted after existing product scents, these beauties are made using Essential Oils and are sure to last through the day!

Choose from the following scents:

Pretty AF - the same Essential Oil blend as our Best Selling Antioxidant Face Oil, this roller has a floral top note, green mid notes and finishes a little pepper-y. A sultry scent sure to remind you how Pretty AF you are. Geranium, Frankincense, Neroli, Myrrh and Jasmine essential oils.

Babe Magnet - yup, this is exactly the same smell as our Babe Magnet Hydrating Rose Body Oil. We created Babe Magnet to be the "body version" of our Antioxidant Face Oil. Notes of Rose, Chamomile, Jasmine and Bergamot make this an intoxicating scent, sure to attract all. the. babes. 

Cigar + Vanilla - Unisex If you've ever smelled our Cigar + Vanilla Beast products, you'll know why this made it into a Perfume Roller. With notes of warm tobacco and sweet vanilla, this scent is sure to please any and everyone. 

Tired AF - formulated after our Tired AF Face + Hand Polish, this roller is sure to combat Stress + Tired feelings. Use during the day (perfect for rush hour traffic) or at night on temples and wrists to induce restful sleep. French Lavender and Rosemary Essential Oils.  

9ml Perfume Rollers include one of the above blends in a base of Organic Golden Jojoba Oil.

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