Our Story

The very first seed planted, that would eventually grow into what The Belle & Beast Organics is today, took place nearly 15 years ago in an Anchorage, Alaska home kitchen after a terrible reaction to an “organic” lip balm. 

As a teen, Christy became frustrated with "all-natural" beauty products in stores laced with hidden fillers, chemicals, artificial colors, sweeteners and drying agents. Even though she was buying chapstick with “organic” written on the label, she had a terrible reaction to one particular balm, leaving her lips burning and insanely chapped. This is when she researched the listed ingredients and discovered that they included drying agents -ones intended to get consumers to apply more frequently, resulting in them having to buy more often. Shocked and angered at this side of the skincare industry and exhausted at the idea of not knowing what was actually in the products she was using, Christy made her first handcrafted batch of lip balm. 

Christy finessed the perfect organic lip balm formulation over the next few years, giving lip balm out to friends and family as gifts and then Wedding favors for anyone that wanted them. People couldn’t get enough, stating, “it’s the only lip balm I use!”

Demand increased, and a longtime hobby turned into a business. In 2014, Hippy Lippy Lip Balm was officially born. Little did Christy know, Hippy Lippy would evolve into something much bigger… 

Christy had Lip Balm perfectly figured out, but now wondered about the rest of her skincare regime. So, after the success of Hippy Lippy, she began examining the products in her bathroom cabinet more closely and thought, "I can make this, but better, with truly organic ingredients you can pronounce." It was this intense desire to create and a longing for transparency in her skincare products that in 2016, Christy left a successful career in the Fashion Industry to develop an Organic Skincare line full-time.

At the beginning of 2017, Christy wanted to grow a then four product assortment to include a Men’s line after seeing just how neglected men’s care is in the skincare industry and The Belle & Beast Organics was founded. By the end of 2017, there was an offering of over 20 products, many of which are unisex. 

It has been this trend of being unsatisfied with the ingredients found in other products available that Christy has continued to "just make her own." The Belle & Beast Organics has given Christy the platform to share all her affordable hand-crafted creations with the world and we hope you come to love them all just as much as we do.  



Christy in the Studio


One of The Belle & Beast Organic's first Markets


Christy & her Husband, Tyler - The "beast" behind the logo